Features & Benefits


  • Provides coverage to areas that chemical rust preventative methods cannot access; i.e. roof, windscreen pillars, door seams, outside surface areas, etc.
  • Most complete warranty coverage; which includes rust through (hole-in the metal) from the inside-out OR outside-in. Even if it’s the result of non-repaired stone chips, scratches or chipped paint.
  • Warranty period surpasses the manufacturer’s warranty and covers your customer for a full 5 years from the date of installation on new and pre-owned vehicles up to 3 model years old.
  • The GXM-3100 is portable and can be moved to another vehicle.
  • Draws approximately 1/3 of 1 milliamps, that’s less draw than the clock in a vehicle.
  • Environmentally & workplace friendly.
  • Is the only module to have successfully completed an inquiry by the Federal Competition Bureau.